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At One Door Cinema Club, we work in local communities (including our own!), going deeper into the story of a film. We find links between the film’s themes and Biblical themes, and see if the big questions in the film can be answered by looking at stories in the Bible.

Our events are accessible for all the family and include age appropriate film showings with plenty of popcorn and drinks. After the film, we have talks from our speakers where we look at the themes of the film. We continue the conversation over cinema style food like hotdogs and nachos. Occasional surprise guests add to the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Some of our work has been published in a book that was released internationally and if you want to see or read more about some films that interest us, take a look at the Articles tab where you’ll find written articles and video series that we’ve produced.

Meet the team

Team photo of One Door Cinema Club

Dave Brock

Dave is a massive film and bible geek! He loves nothing more than cramming as many people (wife, 3 kids, friends,…) and as much takeaway as possible on to a sofa to watch films. The rainier the day, the better! He also likes to go out to the cinema, cramming as many people in the car as he can!

He graduated in 2017 from Moorlands College with an Honours Degree in Applied Theology, specialising in Cross Cultural Communication and Apologetics. Dave started One Door Cinema Club as part of a college project and it then became the organisation it is today, traveling around the country putting on events.

Under the One Door Cinema Club name, Dave was one of the contributors to IBRA’s Fresh From the Word, a daily set of Bible reading notes that is published in over 11 countries and has a readership of over 100,000. Dave finds this hilarious as he's dyslexiaic and learnt to read as a child by reading Spider-Man, Batman and 2000 AD comics.

Dave loves all genres of films but lists his favourite films in no particular order as Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, The Matrix, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, A Bronx Tale, Iron Man, The Shawshank Redemption, Man of Steel, Risen and Back to the Future.

Ian Cheesbrough

Ian was born a geek shortly after flares became unfashionable and before computers were small enough to fit in a bedroom. GCSE's, A-Levels and a BEng followed the geeky pattern of maths, science and engineering. He's also pretty handy at foreign languages.

After a spell as an international man of software development, he grew tired of square eyes and decided theatre would make for a more interesting career. He gained a place on the Professional Stage Management and Technical Theatre course at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and three years later had a BA to show for it (it looks quite pretty next to his BEng).

He is now a freelance sound engineer (and generally very useful technical guy). Lots of people tell him he is good, which is very nice to hear because he wouldn't assume he is. He doesn't wear flares, and chooses to keep his computers in the lounge when they're not in his pocket.

Hannah Fenton

Hannah, age 26, has been a part of the One Door team since 2017 doing everything from working in the kitchen to being a Jedi Knight.

Hannah graduated from Moorlands College and is qualified in youth and community work. She spends her day working in schools with youth for The Wave Youth organisation in Swanage and is also part of Freedom in Christ Ministries. Hannah's favourite films include The Emperor's New Groove, The Truman Show, Shawshank Redemption and Free Guy. She is also a fan of Spaced and the Cornetto Trilogy.

Hannah is training to be a psychotherapist. When not watching films with the One Door Team, she likes baking and being creative. Her favourite quote is, "green is not a creative colour."

Maddy Brock

Maddy is a highly creative part of the ODCC team making props and costumes. She can often be seen at events wearing her Agent Carter costume and running the merch stand.

Maddy loves Star Wars and Marvel films and series; Agent and Captain Carter are her favourite Marvel characters, along with Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars.

When she's not kicking out the jams on the drums and singing along to the Fratellis, Maddy is helping out with ODCC. She helps with everything but loves the cosplay and merch and is working on upcoming filming projects.

She loves fighting with light sabres and watching films with her friends and family and geeking out with her dad.

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