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The foundations of One Door Cinema Club (ODCC) are FILM, FAITH and FOOD. This stems from when my friends and I growing up would hire videos, get take away food and talk into the early hours about the film or films we had just watched.

The conversations would get deep quick: what was the big question the film was asking? Great friends chatting over great food was an essential part of our coming of age.

Also, we would pile into the cinema, load up on hotdogs, popcorn and drinks; all the stuff we were warned was so bad for us…yet tasted so great! 

I remember staggering out of some cinemas quite unsure where I was and what was happening having been so immersed in another world for a couple of hours. We needed to decompress into reality with tasty food and debrief about what we had just watched.

At ODCC live events we line up the film, I start off the conversation and then we carry on over food made by our ODCC kitchen team. A vibrant, young and dynamic team who are certified and trained to give the best eating experience they can. 

Over the years, we’ve not only had amazing conversations over great food but also made great friends. That makes ODCC a very special community cinema club.

The Newest ODCC Menu

Since we started, we’ve developed our menu choices, catered for more and more people, and catered to everyone’s dietary requirements meaning that we will offer the option of Quorn Beef Mince and Quorn Sausages on some of the menu items. Carnivores and herbivores roam majestically through the tables of food at ODCC.  

While our live events have been on hold during the pandemic, our ODCC kitchen team have taken the opportunity to launch a new menu. As we move toward the end of the pandemic in 2021, we hope to be able to roll out (pun intended) some new flavours from our fantastic new menu.

We hope also to share some tips for getting your own food ready for the online live events currently in production. 

Geek out! 

Dave Brock

One Door Cinema Club

One Door Cinema Club Menu

ODCC Reservoir Hot Dogs 

(All served with onions on the side as well as your normal condiments) 

The Mystic Pizza Dog

Try our old school original favourite of a hot dog topped with tomato salsa, infused with herbs and spices topped with melted mozzarella.

The Chili - Dren of the Korn Dog

For our meat lovers try doubling up by whacking our special recipe of beef chilli into the mix with your hotdog topped with melted mozzarella.

The Veg Dog 

Just for you, ODCC has jazzed up your veg with a Linda McCartney sausage with guacamole and cream cheese topped with melted mozzarella.

The Ned Flanders Dog

The Ned Flanders Dog is the traditional, can’t go wrong bun and sausage. It's quick, easy and simple just add your preferred sauce.

Loaded Nacho’s 

The Finding Nacho’s 

Melted Mozzarella, jalapenos, sweet peppers, fresh chillies, coriander, topped with our homemade lemon salsa, guacamole & crème fraiche.

Chilli Beef Loaded Nacho’s 

Add a little flair by topping your Nacho’s off with our homemade chilli with melted Mozzarella, jalapenos, sweet peppers, coriander, topped with, guacamole & crème fraiche.

Mac n Me Loaded Nacho's

Nacho's topped off with our ODCC mac n cheese sauce topped with chives.

Loaded Fries

Ned’s Fries

As Ned Flanders would say just chips for me. Simple basket of our fries seasoned with Piri-Piri salt or just standard fries seasoned by you!!

Chilli Beef Fries 

Beef up your fries with our homemade chilli with melted Mozzarella, jalapenos, sweet peppers, coriander topped with guacamole & crème fraiche.

Mac n Me Cheese Fries

Rustic fries topped off with our ODCC mac n cheese sauce topped with crispy onions.

Event Specials: ODCC Hotdogs

The Kevin Bacon BBQ Dog

Who needs burgers when you can have an ODCC hot dog slathered with barbecue sauce, Cheddar cheese, oozing mozzarella, jalapenos, a squeeze of guacamole and crumbled bacon.

The Sweet Tooth Dog

For the Sweet Tooth try our honey mustard infused hotdog topped with hot melted mozzarella.

The Breakfast Club Dog

Keep it British with our full English hotdog by piling them high with fried eggs, crispy bacon and melted mozzarella.

The Thai Fighter Dog

Think Thai green curry but in a hotdog. Try our special Thai hotdog with our infusion of spicy green sauce topped with crumbled Thai prawn crackers.

The Cuban Fury Dog

This is an amazing nod to a Cuban classic, with mozzarella, ham, mayo, mustard, and pickles.

The Blue Hawaiian Dog

Put a mouth-watering Hawaiian spin on your taste buds by piling them with chunks of pineapple, guacamole and a sweet yet spicy yoghurt sauce.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Run Dog

For the barbecue lovers try topping off your dog with sweet and sticky barbeque pulled chicken with melted mozzarella, jalapenos, & crème fraiche.

Seaside Dog

Who needs Fish and Chips when you can try our homemade battered sausage, topped with Chip shop style chips, slavered in our very own ODCC curry sauce.

Mexican Dog

Taking classic beef hot dogs and making them Mexican style. Try our fiery re-fried Mexican beans, topped with melted mozzarella, lemon sweet pepper salsa, jalapenos, & crème fraiche.

ODCC Towering Inferno

Why not tower up with our ODCC hotdog with crispy hash browns, Mozzarella, and our fiery yet zingy tomato sauce.

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