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Switching from Big Screen to Small Screen

In light of the precautions necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are switching to some broadcast events.

While our live audience events are on hold, we have a golden opportunity to bring forward our plans for One Door Cinema Club Online. We've already talked about this a little amongst ourselves but back then we wanted to press on with our live events and build up our support for those. Now those have been put on ice, we're looking at producing videos that may be either live-streamed or recorded.

As you will know from our previous events, we don't just dive in to come up with something half-hearted and sub-standard. We want our events to rock, and we'll be putting in the same effort with our videos. Bear with us as we get together the tools we need and work our way round a few unusual challenges.

One extra hurdle is isolation. We are a team with a variety of skills, all of which are necessary for every event, but we are forced to do all this from our own homes. For example, how does a cameraman set up a camera when he can't even be in the same building as the presenter? Well there's always a way when people put their minds to it!

Keep an eye on our web page and social media for further announcements about this exciting new development!

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