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One Door Cinema Club Merchandise

One Door Cinema Club Merchandise StandMany people ask even after all these years, "How do you guys do these events? And all for free, who pays for all this stuff?"

We explain the whole church in this area does, or this church or organisation and some of it over the years has been us. We have amazing people willing to gift their time and skills and money. We have volunteers and people who have donated to bless our guests socks off!

What's lovely is at events some people insist on donating to support ODCC. We don't ask but they insist.

Well, we thought why don't we just get some T-shirts, mugs, key rings and film stuff so when people want to bless us they get something cool for supporting us.

So at our last event we field tested our merch stand and we will be bringing it to our upcoming events.

See you at The Purbeck Film Festival event soon!

The One Door Cinema Club Team

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