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One Door Cinema Club’s Infinite Playlist

Soundtracks and films go hand-in-hand. Does that song always remind you of that scene, or does that scene always remind you of the song?

At our live events, we often get guests singing and clapping along to the songs we put together before and after the film and talks.

Over food at the end of the evening, a look of recognition will come across someone's face and they will shout across the room, "Is this from that film or series?"

At one event, as we were packing away, everyone was singing along to all the songs.

So, we pick songs from whatever films or series we are watching and every month will release one of our playlists starting this month with Infinite Playlist 1.

Click on the link and follow our Spotify page for future playlists.

Enjoy and we'll see you at the events!

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