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When Hollywood Comes to One Door Cinema Club’s Hometown

At One Door Cinema Club we love going to the cinema to watch our favourite films or streaming our favourite series, eating and geeking out about what we’ve just watched with friends and family.

On a few occasions we’ve been known to witness Dave scream out loud in the cinema like during Marvel’s Spider-Man Far from Home.

Dave screamed in surprise as it turned out in fact Spider-Man was not far from ourhome!

Peter Parker and Happy Hogan fly over Old Harry Rocks at the edge of One Door Cinema Club's home town of Swanage in Dorset.

During the fantastic film Dunkirk, when Harry Styles rides in a steam train, that was our train, tracks and station in Swanage.

But what sent Dave’s tea flying out of his R2 D2 mug was seeing the new trailer for Andor on Disney Plus. It’s only Benthic Two Tubes, from Star Wars Rogue One and Solo. And he’s standing outside the Winspit Quarry in Worth Matravers just outside Swanage.

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Bentnic Two Tubes on guard

The site was also used for sci-fi classic series such as Blake's Seven and Dr Who.

Last year, we went scouting the location as they were shooting for the new Star Wars series Andor, a prequel to a ODCC favourite Rogue One.

Security was tight and Jedi mind tricks don't seem to actually work so we didn’t get to see the shoot.

So, getting ahead of the inevitable geek pilgrimage we went down to the location over the summer holiday and tried to ignore all the fit and healthy rock climbers to geek out at the caves of what we assume will be a rebel base of Saw Gerrera.

The trailer for Andor looks amazing and we all can’t wait to watch it and the home of ODCC on the screen again!

Andor is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on September 21, 2022, with its first three episodes.

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