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Kicking off live events for 2022 with an Origins Story of our own!

Greetings All, 

Our next event is taking us back to the roots of our founder's vision for One Door Cinema Club, in more ways than one.

Poster of One Door Cinema Club Event presenting Iron Man at Moorlands College, Christchurch, Dorset on 07/05/2022

Dave Brock was minding his own business watching a favourite film when suddenly God told him "This is just the story of...", and left him to go prove it to himself. There are an astonishing number of parallels to show the link between the story of Iron Man and the biblical story that inspired it.

At the time, Dave was studying Applied Theology at Moorlands College, and the revelation of the biblical story being retold by Hollywood became a college project. In his degree, Dave specialised in Cross Cultural Communicatiton and Apologetics, so this project was a perfect fit for his degree, and his utter geekiness with films!

Out of Dave's theological college project was born One Door Cinema Club, and the first ever event was Iron Man.

In May 2022, One Door Cinema Club will be hosted by Moorlands College at their "3:15 Youth Hangout" and we will be presenting Iron Man! Now this would not be One Door Cinema Club if we simply re-ran the event as it was back in 2015. A lot has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since those early days and there is plenty to reveal an even bigger story behind Tony Stark.

Join us on 7th May 2022 for an expanded, refreshed look at Iron Man, Tony Stark, the MCU, and the writers themselves. See the event page for more details.

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