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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Special Guest Archaeologist Dr. Chris Sinkinson

Greetings All,

We’re very excited to see our friends again and meet first timers to One Door Cinema Club (ODCC) with our special upcoming event!

The film will be the classic Steven Spielberg and George Lucas adventure “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”. Check out the event details on our event page.

We have a couple of firsts: this will be our first event as part of The Purbeck Film Festival. We love the Purbeck Film Festival and have been big supporters for years; they do such an amazing job bringing us a wide variety of films from every genre and from all over the world.  

It’s a huge privilege to be part of the festival.

Another first is Dave, our usual speaker, has a special guest he will interview after the film; a real life Indiana Jones.  He is a real life doctor teaching in a prestigious college and travels the world to find biblical artifacts. 

Dr. Chris Sinkinson

Poster image of Chris Sinkinson's

Portrait of Dr Chirs Sinkinson


Chris originally studied Philosophy and English before going on to complete an MA and PhD in Theology. But, inspired by Indiana Jones, he has always loved archaeology and history.

Chris has been involved in the Bethsaida Excavations Project in Israel and is a published author on the subject. He is also a member of the New Forest archaeological group which has made intriguing discoveries recently in the local area.

The “Sifting the Evidence” film was shot on location in Israel and includes interviews from some significant scholars and archaeologists. He has a new book on the theme, Background to the Bible, due out for Christmas and is now working on a new film on Galilee in the First Century.

Among Chris’s public work are: 6 books (including Time Travel to the Old Testament published by Inter Varsity Publishing); 12 articles (including “The Bible and the Spade: Archaeological Exploration at et-Tell in the Light of Gospel Accounts”, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and “Austen Henry Layard: A Dorset Connection to the discovery of Nineveh” published in the New Forest History and Archaeology Group Report, April 2021); 2 papers (presented at British New Testament Society, and Liverpool University Archaeology and Bible Conference); and a short film “Sifting the Evidence” released in 2021.

Chris is currently lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Moorlands College. He is also part of, and writing about, the archeological fieldwork in Galilee.

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