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One Door Cinema Club Releases Latest Publicity Video for 2021

At One Door Cinema Club, we put on events for local communities (including our own!), focussed on Film, Faith and Food. 

Film: We geek out about our favourite films, looking at the origin story of all stories and looking at the big questions each film asks.

Faith: We start conversations about how Biblical themes and characters are found in films and TV shows across the ages.

Food: What better way to have a conversation about films than over cinema-style food with friends, building a community film club.

To see more of what we do, take a look round our website:

This video has been assembled from stills and footage taken over a period of time, including all the time before we even knew we would be making an advertising video!

There is such a lot of material we needed to sort through and it all brought us great memories. There are a few cheeky shots that we hope you'll love, as we all like to have a good laugh while working very hard.

The format of adverts doesn't really lend itself to credits but we felt it was important to give a massive shout out as a thank you to all these awesome individuals:

Stills Photography

Berno Vierbergen (the nicest South African)

Claire Neville (a laugh that can raise the dead)

Helen Tucker (admin ninja)

Dave Brock (Iron Man look alike if he’d let himself go)

Joel Cameron (smoothest legs on the team)

Ian Cheesbrough (master of The Matrix)

Video Footage

Berno Vierbergen (still the nicest South African)

Ian Cheesbrough


Dave Brock


"You" by DaniCW & Sophia Essél (superstar DJ’s)

Instagram Consultancy

Maisy-May Brock (apparently we’re too old to use Insta)


Ian Cheesbrough

All the photos, videos, graphics and music, including the time it took to create them, have been kindly donated. Each person named above has brought their valuable skills to us as a gift.

Dave Brock is also the founding artist of David Brock Creative.

Ian Cheesbrough provides technical services for the arts through his company Artistek:

DaniCW has provided us with our very own edit of his track "You" with Sophia Essél, and has also given us a very generous rights agreement for it. His website is

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